CMS website design & development

This website uses what's known as a content management system, or 'CMS'; not only is this a useful way of managing information, but it also makes the site easy to update.

In fact it can be edited from virtually any browser, wherever the user happens to be, simply by logging in and using a Word-style editor.

The other great thing about this particular system is that it's 'Open Source'. For the website owner, two  benefits of this are that the system itself is free, and it's being used and developed by thousands of people around the world, so it's constantly being tested and improved. I can also create bespoke desigins for the system, that in most cases even serve up a special 'responsive' version tailored to the increasing numbers of people browsing using mobile devices.

I've been using this particular system and its predecessor since 2004, and have created a number of websites, mainly for businesses and community news portals. And I can now also offer training in the system's use, either one-to-one if you're within a reasonable travelling distance of Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth & Poole or Exeter, or by using video conferencing and screen sharing.

Of course, all of this you can combine with freelance copywriting to make your site all the more effective!

If you'd like to chat about your own website requirements, please don't hesitate to contact me.



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