About me

Design and business background

I've worked in the creative services industry for many years, on lots of projects for lots of people. I was a founder and director of a successful graphic design consultancy, so I'm used to making words work with design to maximum effect.

I have a degree in English and Media Studies from what's now Bournemouth University. The media element involved studying the effects of of the mass media, as well as learning practical audio visual production skills. I also have a keen interest in photography and journalism – particularly community journalism – and publish two local news sites in my local area. These require an array of skills, from writing and editing to using social media and keeping the content management system up and running.

Persuasive language patterns

I've trained in counselling, and in Neuro Linguistic Programming to Practitioner level. NLP offers powerful models to exploit the strengths and weaknesses of language. And as a counsellor for a local charity for two years I gained experience which is especially valuable in interview situations today.

Making information accessible

The common thread running through my work is making complex information accessible for diverse audiences – whether online, in print or using real-time media.

Find out more

For more information about my copywriting approach, do give me a ring for a chat, or drop me a line. To see work samples, go to the 'Copywriting examples' page;  to hear some audio clips I've produced, please visit the 'Audio & video' page.

Guy taking yet more pictures of the beach in Devon


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