Freelancers facilitate flexibility

fastest writer pic courtesy Kriss Szkurlatowski; 12frames.euThe 'Professional Contractors Group' (PCG), an organisation that claims to be the 'voice of freelancing' in the UK, recently ran an ad in a national magazine which struck a chord with me.

"Freelancers... are bringing flexibility, dynamism, and experience to every level of business and government throughout the UK," proclaimed the PCG.

And there was more: "Freelancers choose to work without the employment benefits permanent staff take for granted. They prefer to hit the ground running, deliver and move on. They create competitiveness in the private sector and increase efficiency in the public sector."

 Quite so.

When you commission a freelancer you generally do away with the costs often associated with bringing a new staff member up to speed, such as:

• an often lengthy recruitment process
• induction and training
• equipment (IT, phones, vehicle etc)
• office space
• payroll, tax and national insurance set up
• sickness and holiday pay

and so the list goes on.

Sure, freelancers need to get to grips with a new project's objectives like anyone else, but most should be pretty good at doing that.

I hope the advantages of working with freelancers chime with you too.

And you know where to come next time you need a dose of fresh thinking, and a personable, can-do approach to getting the job done – whether it's for a few hours, a day, a block of days or a regular period of time every month.

• To read still more about 'Freelance. It's Britain's brain gain', go to

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