Audio & video

microphone recording interview for webAudio and video are great ways to communicate - especially on the web, where attention spans are strictly limited.

In their own words

Case studies are a powerful way to make a point, but nothing beats hearing someone speaking in their own words about their experiences, impressions and feelings.

A college website could include interviews with current students; a charity site could include vox pops to talk to potential supporters; and regular podcasts are being used in a host of fields to build relationships and keep people updated.

Vox pops & audio clips

sound mixer

I record vox pops, speeches, discussions and short audio spots, and then edit and encode them ready for websites. I can also present audio features and podcasts, and create recordings for distribution on CD. I work with trusted associates to devise complete video solutions.

Read on to find out more about these services, and to listen to some examples of my audio work.


Tempting delegates to register

Below is a recording I prepared earlier - it features attendees at the 2007 Co-operative Congress in Brighton talking to me about their weekend. The clip was used on the client's website to tempt new delegates to register. Just click the 'play' button (the arrow) to hear the clips.


I've also created various audio clips for local community news websites. The following is an interview with an artist talking about her project to draw the area where I live.

Vox pops

This next series of vox pops features local residents giving their opinions about a local school's plans to build all-weather pitches and licensed clubhouse within the school grounds (they don't like the idea!).

Recordings on CD

I've also recorded guest speakers at a counselling and psychotherapy conference, and produced a series of CDs of the final, edited recordings, complete with packaging.

Presenting & voiceovers

I presented a live weekly radio show on a local FM community radio station for around 18 months (for a clip please contact me), and I've also worked on various video projects over the years, from scripting to editing. Most recently I've been involved with recording voiceovers for video podcasts. If you'd like to discuss voiceovers, or presenting for podcasts, do contact me.

Call on 023 8001 8611, or click here if you'd like to discuss an audio or video project.


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